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What is a retractable door screen ?

A retractable door screen  isretractable screen housing an innovation using old technology. Theretractable screen example screen rolls up out of sight when not in use. This is great because when you donít want it you donít see it, and best of all, you donít need to walk through it every time you enter or leave the house.


Click on the image to see an illustrated example or on the photo for a closer look.


Is the retractable screen new to the market?

The product is still somewhat new, but many people are still unaware of it. This product is a perfect solution to most peoplesí screening requirements; for example, if you have an out-swing door, the A-Screens retractable screen is really the only thing that will work because it retracts. Itís also perfect for tight spaces.



What can a retractable screen be used on?

The A-Screens retractable screen can be used on any opening in your home: from doors, windows, and reachable skylights, but also on your boat, RV, or mobile home. This product is also perfect when tight rules about screens are in effect in some condominiums or co-ops: the A-Screens retractable screens in most cases will be accepted because they do not dramatically change the appearance of the outside or inside of oneís condominium or apartment.



What maintenance is required to ensure my screen door has a long life?

See our maintenance tips to see how easy it is to care for your retractable screen door.



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