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Unbelievable success for A-Screens at the North Shore Home Improver Sept 17-19 2004

A-Screens, Inc, a New York City company was proud to introduce its revolutionary A-Screens Quality retractable screen at the North Shore Home Show in Lake Grove on  Long Island . Exhibiting alongside The Home Depot and Pella Doors , we wanted to be part of Long Islanders' constant effort to beautify their homes!  

With our A-Screens retractable screens we  introduced  an alternative to the bulky, screechy screen door.  The           A-Screens retractable screen  is not a door but a retractable screen, which allies the safety of your interior with a concern for elegance and taste!

A-Screens retractable screens is about  making your homes safer from disease carrying flies, mosquitoes and other annoying bugs, while not sacrificing the elegance of  your interior! The CDC recommends the use of screens for our protection against West Nile Virus,  we want to help you do it with style!

Our visitors impressions in a few words!

 "...Smart".... "...Cool" ... Very Smart"...."so classy..." " .....great design...", "...beautiful quality...","...you hardly see it..."  ,  "... so unobtrusive..."," ...I like that"....  " ...look at the smooth finish..." " ....smooth operation...", "...just what I was looking for for my patio....", "... that will be perfect on my French doors...", "....let me bring back my husband/wife...."

Many had never heard of retractable screens, it even took some time for some visitors to understand the concept since the unit itself when retracted in its casing cannot be recognized as a screen!  But none remained indifferent, the overall reaction,  whether from designers , home builders  or homeowners was: "This is the best thing I've seen at the show!"

For More Information, please Contact:

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A-Screens, Inc
P.O. Box 951, New York, NY 10025-0951
Tel:    1 (888) OK-4-SCREENS  (888) 654-7273  OR (212) 289-3951
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